What does the study involve

Our study will run for two years. During this period, each young person and their parent or guardian will be asked to complete an age-appropriate questionnaire at three time points. The first time point will occur shortly after a participant joins the study, and the next two will take place approximately 1 and 2 years after that.

Each participant can decide whether they would like to complete their questionnaire by themselves or guided by one of our researchers. Researchers are able to assist either in person, over the phone or via a secure video call, and questionnaires can be completed either online or on paper. Each questionnaire will take about an hour to complete, and participants are welcome to take breaks whenever needed.

girl with hula-hoop

The questionnaires will ask about lots of different things, but questions will focus on participants’ gender identity and their wellbeing. Researchers will be available at all stages for participants to ask questions or receive guidance. We hope completing the questionnaires will be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for participants, but researchers will be on hand if any of the questions are difficult to answer or participants wish to discuss them with someone.

Participants are free to withdraw from the study at any point (without giving reason) if they no longer wish to continue.

What if I decide not to be part of the Gender Identity Development Service once I have started the study?

The LOGIC study is independent from the Gender Identity Development Service and we would still like to hear from you even if you decide not to be part of it. We are interested in the diverse range of experiences of children and young people who experience gender questions or concerns, as well as those who may take a break from seeking professional support.