LOGIC-Q: in-depth conversations

The LOGIC study will also involve qualitative interviews (in-depth conversations) with our researchers for some participants. We will invite around 40 children, young people and their families who are part of the main LOGIC study to join LOGIC-Q. As in the main LOGIC study, the interviews will take place at three time points over a 2 year period (unless participants choose to withdraw from the study). Both the child or young person and their families will be invited to take part. The interviews will usually be face-to-face in participants’ homes, or other location of their choosing. If participants prefer, the interviews can take place via phone or secure video call instead.

The LOGIC-Q interviews will cover some similar topics to the questionnaires, while giving participants the opportunity to talk in more detail about things if they wish. We also hope participants will discuss a wider range of topics with the researchers – including topics we haven’t yet thought to ask about! We think it is important to listen to a wide range of children and young people and their families as they to tell us – in their own words – about their experiences of gender identity development. These interviews will enable us to do just that.

Unfortunately, LOGIC participants cannot nominate themselves to join LOGIC-Q. This is so that the researchers can make sure we include children, young people and families from different backgrounds and living in different parts of the UK. If you have any questions about LOGIC-Q, please feel free to contact one of the researchers using the contact us tab.